MeetingKey 3 Meeting10/30/2024
MeetingKey 3 Meeting9/25/2024
MeetingKey 3 Meeting8/28/2024
MeetingKey 3 Meeting7/24/2024
MeetingKey 3 Meeting6/26/2024
CampoutHands Across the Border6/7/2024 - 6/9/2024
MeetingKey 3 Meeting5/29/2024
CampoutCamporee4/26/2024 - 4/28/2024
MeetingKey 3 Meeting4/24/2024
MeetingKey 3 Meeting3/27/2024
NoticeScout Shop Run3/16/2024
MeetingKey 3 Meeting2/28/2024
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic - Day 32/10/2024
MeetingKey 3 Meeting1/31/2024
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic - Day 21/27/2024
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic - Day 11/13/2024
Special EventSilvertips Scout Night1/13/2024
MeetingKey 3 Meeting12/27/2023
CampoutWinter Backpack12/15/2023 - 12/17/2023
Special EventNathan's Eagle COH12/9/2023
NoticeScout Shop Run12/8/2023
MeetingKey 3 Meeting12/6/2023
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Pick-Up12/2/2023
Service ProjectApplebees Service Project - shift 311/11/2023
Service ProjectApplebees Service Project - shift 111/11/2023
Service ProjectPoulsbo Veterans’ Day Parade11/11/2023
Service ProjectApplebees Service Project - shift 211/11/2023
Special EventArchitecture & Landscape Architecture MB- OFFSITE10/14/2023
MeetingKey 3 Meeting9/27/2023
CampoutWhite Water Rafting9/15/2023 - 9/17/2023
Service ProjectEthan H Eagle Project 9/10/2023
Service ProjectEthan H Eagle Project 9/9/2023
Special EventHusky Scout Day9/9/2023
RecruitingPouslbo Kid's Day - shift 29/9/2023
RecruitingPouslbo Kid's Day - shift 19/9/2023
Service ProjectBackpack Brigade Food Drive - Shift 39/2/2023
Service ProjectBackpack Brigade Food Drive - Shift 19/2/2023
Service ProjectBackpack Brigade Food Drive - Shift 29/2/2023
Service ProjectWarren Ave. Bridge Cleanup8/19/2023
Service ProjectNathan K Eagle Project8/12/2023
Service ProjectNathan K Eagle Project8/11/2023
Special EventTacoma Rainiers Scout Night8/11/2023
Service ProjectWhaling Days Parade7/29/2023
MeetingKey 3 Meeting7/26/2023
Service ProjectWarren Ave. Bridge Cleanup7/15/2023
Special EventReading MB Clinic - Second Opportunity 7/8/2023
MeetingKey 3 Meeting6/27/2023
Service ProjectWarren Ave. Bridge Cleanup6/17/2023
Special EventReading MB Clinic 6/17/2023
Board of ReviewRizzolo - 2nd Class6/10/2023
Board of ReviewKillian - Star6/10/2023
CampoutHands Across the Border6/9/2023 - 6/11/2023
Service ProjectKitsap Forest Theater Set up help5/21/2023
Service ProjectWarren Ave. Bridge Cleanup5/20/2023
Special EventInsect Study Field Trip5/20/2023
Special EventMariners Scout Night5/6/2023
Special EventCamporee Day support4/29/2023
Service ProjectKitsap Forest Theater Cleanup4/29/2023
CampoutKitsap District Camporee4/28/2023 - 4/30/2023
MeetingKey 3 Meeting4/26/2023
Special EventGordon, Collin & Ayden - Eagle COH3/19/2023
Service ProjectCayden's Eagle Project3/5/2023
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic - Day 32/4/2023
CampoutSnow Caving workup1/27/2023 - 1/29/2023
MeetingKey 3 Meeting1/25/2023
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic - Day 21/21/2023
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic - Day 11/7/2023
RecruitingPack 4506 Crossover12/13/2022
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Pickup12/3/2022
MeetingKey 3 Meeting11/29/2022
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Chore11/13/2022
Service ProjectApplebees - Shift 311/11/2022
Service ProjectApplebees - Shift 111/11/2022
Service ProjectApplebees - Shift 211/11/2022
Service ProjectApplebees - Shift 411/11/2022
MeetingKey 3 Meeting10/26/2022
NoticeNight Hike - PPD - new date TBD10/21/2022 - 10/23/2022
Fund RaiserLone Star Donuts10/5/2022
MeetingKey 3 Meeting9/28/2022
Special EventRafting9/17/2022
Board of ReviewFinnegan W.- Scout9/17/2022
CampoutWhite Water Rafting9/16/2022 - 9/18/2022
Service ProjectCourtyard Cleanup9/1/2022
MeetingKey 3 Meeting8/31/2022
CampoutWashJam8/18/2022 - 8/20/2022
Service ProjectFriends of Scouting Support8/17/2022
Service ProjectFriends of Scouting Support8/16/2022
CampoutCanoeing 50 miler8/10/2022 - 8/14/2022
CampoutCycling 50 Miler Support7/14/2022 - 7/18/2022
CampoutCycling 50 Miler7/14/2022 - 7/18/2022
Fund RaiserBingo Night7/10/2022
Special EventReading MB Class6/25/2022
Special EventWhittington Center6/24/2022 - 6/25/2022
Special EventRoyal Gorge Rafting6/24/2022
MeetingKey 3 Meeting6/22/2022
MeetingKey 3 Meeting5/25/2022
MeetingKey 3 Meeting4/27/2022
RecruitingPack 4513 Crossover4/23/2022
CampoutCamporee4/22/2022 - 4/24/2022
MeetingKey 3 Meeting3/29/2022
TrainingAirsoft Range Instructor Training3/19/2022
TrainingNRA Basic Rifle Course3/5/2022
MeetingKey 3 Meeting2/23/2022
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic - Day 21/22/2022
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic - Day 11/8/2022
MeetingKey 3 Meeting12/22/2021
Service ProjectCollin's Eagle Project - Day 312/5/2021
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Pickup12/4/2021
Service ProjectCollin's Eagle Project11/21/2021
MeetingKey 3 Meeting11/17/2021
Service ProjectApplebees - Shift 411/11/2021
Service ProjectApplebees - Shift 311/11/2021
Service ProjectApplebees - Shift 111/11/2021
Service ProjectApplebees - Shift 211/11/2021
MeetingKey 3 Meeting10/27/2021
MeetingKey 3 Meeting9/29/2021
Special EventRafting9/18/2021
Board of ReviewZachary G. - First Class9/18/2021
CampoutWhite Water Rafting9/17/2021 - 9/19/2021
Service ProjectFOS Breakfast8/18/2021
ChoreWood Pickup7/7/2021
Service ProjectAndrew Simon Eagle Scout Project7/3/2021
Service ProjectAndrew Simon Eagle Scout Project7/2/2021
CampoutRoss Lake 50 Miler6/30/2021 - 7/5/2021
SummitFreedom Peak Climb6/19/2021
SummitNavaho Peak Climb6/19/2021
SummitThree Brothers Climb6/19/2021
SummitWrong Turn Peak6/18/2021
CampoutNavaho Peak6/17/2021 - 6/20/2021
RecruitingPack 4513 Crossover6/13/2021
Special EventMini Scout-0-Rama/lock in6/12/2021 - 6/13/2021
MeetingKey 3 Meeting4/28/2021
Service ProjectCamporee Support4/23/2021
MeetingKey 3 Meeting3/31/2021
MeetingKey 3 Meeting2/24/2021
Recruiting4506 Crossover2/6/2021
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic2/6/2021
MeetingKey 3 Meeting1/27/2021
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic1/23/2021
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic1/9/2021
MeetingKey 3 Meeting12/30/2020
Service ProjectWalmart Toy Drive- shift 212/12/2020
Service ProjectWalmart Toy Drive - shift 112/12/2020
MeetingKey 3 Meeting11/25/2020
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Pickup11/22/2020
MeetingKey 3 Meeting10/28/2020
RecruitingPack 4571 First Aid Hike10/25/2020
MeetingKey 3 Meeting9/30/2020
Service ProjectDuckabush9/19/2020
NoticeWhite Water Rafting - CANX9/18/2020
Service ProjectSarah Ross Eagle Project8/29/2020
NoticeMoving a work bench8/27/2020
Service ProjectSarah Ross Eagle Project8/22/2020
Special EventBottle Rocket Launch8/3/2020
Board of ReviewJackson K tenderfort8/2/2020
Board of ReviewJuston J tenderfoot8/2/2020
Board of ReviewPj H tenderfoot8/2/2020
Board of ReviewThomas w 2nd class8/2/2020
Board of ReviewHunter L 2nd class8/2/2020
Board of ReviewRempfer A 2nd class8/2/2020
Service ProjectSummer Camp Service8/2/2020
NoticeOriginal Summer Camp8/1/2020
Special EventStar Party8/1/2020
Board of ReviewThomas W. - Tenderfoot BOR8/1/2020
Service ProjectSummer Camp Service7/31/2020
CampoutSummer Camp7/30/2020 - 8/4/2020
MeetingKey 3 Meeting7/29/2020
RecruitingPack 4513 Crossover6/13/2020
MeetingKey 3 Meeting2/26/2020
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic - Day 32/8/2020
MeetingKey 3 Meeting1/29/2020
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic - Day 21/25/2020
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic - Day 11/11/2020
Recruiting4537 Crossover1/11/2020
CampoutWinter Backpack12/20/2019 - 12/22/2019
Service ProjectChristmas Tree Delivery12/15/2019
Service ProjectBremerton Symphony Service Project12/15/2019
HikeREI Hike12/14/2019
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Pick Up11/30/2019
MeetingKey 3 Meeting11/27/2019
NoticeMB Clinic web site opens11/13/2019
Service ProjectApplebee's - service project11/11/2019
Service ProjectApplebee's - service project11/11/2019
Service ProjectApplebee's - service project11/11/2019
Service ProjectApplebee's - service project11/11/2019
Service Project4H Flag Ceremony11/8/2019
MeetingKey 3 Meeting10/30/2019
Service ProjectOperation Scarecrow (Kitsap County Disaster Exerci10/19/2019
MeetingKey 3 Meeting9/25/2019
OA EventConclave9/20/2019 - 9/22/2019
MeetingKey 3 Meeting8/28/2019
MeetingKey 3 Meeting7/31/2019
Campout Clark Mountain7/26/2019 - 7/29/2019
Service ProjectKamalu's Eagle Project7/25/2019
Service ProjectKamalu's Eagle Project7/24/2019
Service ProjectDrink Station 7/20/2019
Service ProjectDrink Station 7/20/2019
Service ProjectDrink Station 7/19/2019
Campout50 Miler (Cycling)7/17/2019 - 7/21/2019
Service ProjectKamalu's Eagle Project7/1/2019
Service ProjectKamalu's Eagle Project6/30/2019
Special EventUSS Iowa6/22/2019 - 6/23/2019
HikeAlta Mountain6/15/2019
Service ProjectEagle Creek Salmon Habitat6/15/2019
SummitAlta Mountain Climb6/15/2019
CampoutAlta Mountain6/14/2019 - 6/16/2019
Fund RaiserMedieval Faire6/9/2019
RecruitingPack 4513 Crossover6/8/2019
Fund RaiserMedieval Faire6/8/2019
Fund RaiserMedieval Faire6/8/2019
Board of ReviewHayden B - Tenderfoot6/8/2019
Board of ReviewBrennan Y - 1st Class6/8/2019
MeetingKey 3 Meeting5/29/2019
Service ProjectMason's Flag Service5/25/2019
Special EventCSC Eagle Scout Banquet5/9/2019
CampoutOrca District Camporee4/26/2019 - 4/28/2019
Fund RaiserPopcorn Sales3/31/2019
Fund RaiserPopcorn Sales3/30/2019
Service ProjectWashington State Science Fair3/30/2019
Service ProjectWashington State Science Fair3/29/2019
Service ProjectWashington State Science fair 3/28/2019
MeetingKey 3 Meeting3/27/2019
MeetingASM Meeting3/12/2019
Fund RaiserSkipper's Takeover3/12/2019
Special EventBasic Shotgun shooting3/3/2019
MeetingKey 3 Meeting2/27/2019
CampoutIndian Lore Campout2/1/2019 - 2/3/2019
MeetingKey 3 Meeting1/30/2019
Service ProjectJacob's Eagle Project1/26/2019
RecruitingPack 2575 Crossover12/13/2018
Service ProjectToys For Tots Toy Collection Shift 112/8/2018
Service ProjectToys for Tots Toy Collection Shift 212/8/2018
Service ProjectChristmas Tree Lighting11/24/2018
Service ProjectColor Guard at the Arbor at Bremerton11/12/2018
Service ProjectVeteran's Day - Applebee's11/11/2018
Service ProjectVeteran's Day - Applebee's11/11/2018
Service ProjectVeteran's Day - Applebee's11/11/2018
Service ProjectVeteran's Day - Applebee's11/11/2018
Service ProjectVeteran's Day - Applebee's11/11/2018
Service ProjectOperation Scarecrow Victim Participant10/20/2018
Special EventWhite Water Rafting9/15/2018
CampoutTieton Rafting9/14/2018 - 9/16/2018
Board of ReviewLucas M - 1st Class8/27/2018
CampoutSan Juan's 50 Miler8/22/2018 - 8/27/2018
Service ProjectWhaling Days7/28/2018
Service ProjectPaddle to Puyallup - Shift 57/25/2018
Service ProjectPaddle to Puyallup7/25/2018
Service ProjectPaddle to Puyallup - Shift 17/25/2018
Service ProjectPaddle to Puyallup - Shift 37/25/2018
Service ProjectPaddle to Puyallup - Shift 27/25/2018
Service ProjectPaddle to Puyallup - Shift 47/25/2018
SummitMt Hinman7/20/2018
CampoutMt Hinman Climb7/19/2018 - 7/22/2018
RideFat Smitty's Ride7/7/2018
Service ProjectSpring Canyon 7/3/2018
Special EventBrowns Canyon Adventure Park7/3/2018
Special EventGreat Sand Dunes7/2/2018
Special EventMt Princeton Hot Springs7/1/2018
SummitMount Antero6/30/2018
Special EventRafting the Royal Gorge6/27/2018
CampoutPhauxmont Camping6/27/2018 - 7/4/2018
Super EventPhauxmont6/25/2018 - 7/4/2018
Service ProjectEagle Creek Salmon Habitat6/23/2018
RecruitingThe Bizarre at the Ridge6/19/2018
HikeBurke-Gillman trail6/16/2018
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting6/8/2018
HikeFoot Hills trail5/12/2018
CampoutOrca District Camporee4/27/2018 - 4/29/2018
Fund RaiserSkipper's Takeover4/10/2018
HikeScott-Pierson Trail4/8/2018
Service ProjectWashington State Science and Engineering Fair Set 3/22/2018
HikeREI Urban Hike12/9/2017
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 211/11/2017
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 511/11/2017
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 311/11/2017
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 111/11/2017
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 411/11/2017
Service ProjectElks Veterans Appreciation Night11/9/2017
Service ProjectCaleb's Eagle Project- day 211/5/2017
Service ProjectCaleb's Eagle Project- day 111/4/2017
CampoutCamp Comfort Backpack10/6/2017 - 10/8/2017
MeetingKey 3 Meeting9/27/2017
RecruitingPack 5239 Crossover9/25/2017
MeetingKey 3 Meeting8/30/2017
Fund RaiserSkipper's Takeover8/29/2017
Service ProjectWhaling Days parade7/29/2017
MeetingKey 3 Meeting7/26/2017
SummitGlacier Peak 7/21/2017
CampoutGlacier Peak Climb7/19/2017 - 7/23/2017
Service ProjectJosh's Eagle Project7/2/2017
Service ProjectJosh's Eagle Project7/1/2017
MeetingKey 3 Meeting6/28/2017
Service ProjectJosh's Eagle Project6/25/2017
HikeHiking MB - 20 Miler -East6/24/2017
HikeHiking MB - 20 Miler -West6/24/2017
Service ProjectJosh's Eagle Project6/24/2017
Service ProjectBen M's Eagle Project6/18/2017
Service ProjectBen M's Eagle Project6/17/2017
Special EventPeace Arch Celebration6/11/2017
Special EventBirch Bay Water Slides6/10/2017
Service ProjectEagle Creek Salmon Habitat6/3/2017
MeetingKey 3 Meeting5/31/2017
HikeCushman-Pierson trail - 15 Miler5/13/2017
Service ProjectJarred Ellerbroek's Eagle Project - Day 24/30/2017
Service ProjectJarred Ellerbroek's Eagle Project - Day 14/29/2017
CampoutOrca District Camporee4/28/2017 - 4/30/2017
MeetingKey 3 Meeting4/25/2017
Fund RaiserSkipper's Take Over - Shift 24/11/2017
Fund RaiserSkipper's Take Over - Shift 14/11/2017
Service ProjectWashington State Science and Engineering Fair4/1/2017
Service ProjectWashington State Science and Engineering Fair3/31/2017
MeetingKey 3 Meeting3/29/2017
RecruitingPack 5239 Crossover3/27/2017
MeetingKey 3 Meeting2/22/2017
Special EventScout Sunday2/5/2017
Special EventLand Navigation2/4/2017
Special EventLand Navigation1/21/2017
MeetingKey 3 Meeting12/28/2016
OA EventOA Ceremonies12/17/2016
MeetingKey 3 Meeting11/30/2016
Fund RaiserChristmas Tree Blitz! - Sales11/26/2016
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 411/11/2016
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 511/11/2016
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 211/11/2016
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 111/11/2016
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 311/11/2016
Service ProjectOperation Christmas Child11/6/2016
MeetingKey 3 Meeting10/26/2016
Service ProjectOperation Christmas Child10/22/2016
Special EventAdvancement Land Navigation Event10/1/2016
MeetingKey 3 Meeting9/28/2016
Service ProjectKeyport Fest9/17/2016
OA EventOA Conclave9/16/2016 - 9/18/2016
CampoutWhite Water Rafting 9/16/2016 - 9/18/2016
MeetingKey 3 Meeting8/24/2016
Service ProjectWhaling Days parade7/30/2016
MeetingKey 3 Meeting7/27/2016
Service ProjectSuquamish Tribal Dinner - Shift 17/26/2016
Service ProjectSuquamish Tribal Dinner - Shift 37/26/2016
Service ProjectSuquamish Tribal Dinner - Shift 27/26/2016
Special EventShotgun Shooting6/24/2016
Special EventRafting - Arkansas River6/23/2016
Special EventEnroute Philmont6/22/2016
MeetingKey 3 Meeting6/15/2016
Service ProjectJacob K - Eagle Project - Day 36/12/2016
Service ProjectJacob K - Eagle Project - Day 26/11/2016
Service ProjectJacob Eagle - Day 15/29/2016
MeetingKey 3 Meeting5/25/2016
Fund RaiserSkippers Takeover - Shift 15/3/2016
Fund RaiserSkippers Takeover - Shift 25/3/2016
MeetingKey 3 Meeting4/27/2016
Service ProjectNKLL Color Guard4/16/2016
Service ProjectWashington State Science and Engineering Fair4/2/2016
Board of ReviewDistrict Eagle BOR3/31/2016
Service ProjectNKLL Honor Guard3/26/2016
MeetingKey 3 Meeting3/23/2016
MeetingDistrict Planning Meeting3/12/2016
Special EventClark Farley's Eagle COH3/11/2016
MeetingKey 3 Meeting2/24/2016
OA EventPack 4547 AOL & Crossover2/10/2016
Special EventScout Sunday2/7/2016
TrainingWood Badge Staff Development 12/6/2016
Special EventCarolyn Shaw's Mass/Reception1/30/2016
MeetingKey 3 Meeting12/30/2015
MeetingKey 3 Meeting12/23/2015
HikePhilmont Workup - REI Hike12/12/2015
OA EventTroop 1506 Elections12/7/2015
Special EventShine Quarry Field Trip11/21/2015
NoticeOnline Merit Badge Clinic Registration Opens11/18/2015
Service ProjectEthan's Eagle Project11/14/2015
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 111/11/2015
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 211/11/2015
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 311/11/2015
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 411/11/2015
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 511/11/2015
Service ProjectPoulsbo Middle School Veterans Assembly11/10/2015
Service ProjectOperation Christmas Child11/8/2015
Fund RaiserSkipper's take over - Shift 29/23/2015
Fund RaiserSkipper's take over - Shift 19/23/2015
Service ProjectKeyport Fest Shift 1 set up9/19/2015
Service ProjectKeyport Fest 2015 Shift 3 and take down9/19/2015
Service ProjectKeyport Fest 2015 Shift 29/19/2015
Special Event50 Miler Support8/21/2015
Service ProjectHolly Cemetary cleanup8/21/2015
Campout50 Miler (Canoeing)8/19/2015 - 8/23/2015
Special Event50 Miler Support8/19/2015
Special EventSportsman's Warehouse Cookoff8/15/2015
Special EventSleeping with the Sharks7/25/2015 - 7/26/2015
Service ProjectWhaling Days Parade7/25/2015
Special EventHands Across the Border6/14/2015
Special EventDistrict Recognition Dinner5/13/2015
TrainingCommissioner's Conference5/9/2015
Service ProjectNKLL Color Guard - II4/18/2015
Service ProjectNKLL Color Guard - I4/18/2015
Service ProjectWashington State Science and Engineering Fair3/28/2015
Service ProjectWashington State Science and Engineering Fair3/27/2015
MeetingKey 3 Meeting3/24/2015
Service ProjectOtis' Eagle Project2/8/2015
Service ProjectOtis' Eagle Project2/7/2015
Service ProjectOtis' Eagle Project1/31/2015
Service ProjectCharles' Eagle Project1/24/2015
Service ProjectOtis' Eagle Project1/10/2015
Service Project1571- Vincent N's Eagle Project12/27/2014
Service ProjectWreaths Across America12/13/2014
Service ProjectWreaths Across America12/6/2014
Special EventJoint Eagle COH11/24/2014
Special EventSwim Call11/17/2014
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 511/11/2014
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 411/11/2014
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 311/11/2014
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 211/11/2014
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 111/11/2014
Service ProjectOperation Christmas Child11/9/2014
Service ProjectPack 4556 Raingutter Regatta10/18/2014
Special EventCERT Exercise- Operation Scarecrow10/18/2014
CampoutSurvivor Camporee9/19/2014 - 9/21/2014
CampoutWhite Water Rafting9/12/2014 - 9/14/2014
Special EventSportsman's Warehouse Cookoff8/9/2014
Service ProjectWhaling Days Parade7/26/2014
CampoutCycling Outing7/26/2014 - 7/27/2014
Special EventShotgun Shooting6/25/2014
HikeGarden of the Gods6/24/2014
HikeMt Cutler6/24/2014
Special EventCityrock Climbing Gym6/24/2014
Special EventUSAFA Visit6/23/2014
Special EventBangor Obstacle Course6/22/2014
Service ProjectDAR Flag Ceremony6/14/2014
NoticeWoodbadge Beading - 6/12/2014
Board of ReviewWesley S - Tenderfoot6/7/2014
Service ProjectSalmon Habitat restoration6/7/2014
TrainingIOLS6/6/2014 - 6/7/2014
NoticeWoodbadge Beading - 6/3/2014
Service ProjectVFW Service Project - shift 15/25/2014
Service ProjectVFW Service Project - shift 25/25/2014
Special EventSwim Call5/19/2014
Service ProjectPack 4556 Rocket Launch5/10/2014
Service ProjectEvergreen Park Dedication5/10/2014
Service ProjectEthan W's Eagle Project5/10/2014
Service ProjectSTEM Showcase - Shift 14/26/2014
Service ProjectSTEM Showcase - Shift 24/26/2014
Service ProjectSTEM Showcase - Shift 34/26/2014
Special EventShotgun Shooting4/19/2014
Service ProjectScience and Engineering Fair4/5/2014
Service ProjectScience and Engineering Fair4/4/2014
OA EventScouting for Food Collection3/22/2014
TrainingEagle Scout Project Coach1/24/2014
CampoutWinter Backpack12/21/2013 - 12/22/2013
HikePhilmont Workup- REI Hike12/14/2013
Service ProjectChico Alliance Church12/10/2013
TrainingIOLS11/15/2013 - 11/16/2013
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 211/11/2013
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 511/11/2013
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 311/11/2013
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 111/11/2013
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 411/11/2013
Service ProjectWyatt's Eagle Project11/9/2013
Special EventRecognition Ceremony10/21/2013
TrainingProgram & Training Conference10/19/2013
Service ProjectPeterson Farm Fair- shift one9/15/2013
Service ProjectPeterson Farm Fair- shift two9/15/2013
Service ProjectPeterson Farm Fair- shift three9/15/2013
Service ProjectMitchell G's Eagle Project9/6/2013
Special EventStanley Westerback's Eagle COH8/24/2013
MeetingTroop Meeting8/19/2013
CampoutLake Chelan (and water park)8/2/2013 - 8/4/2013
Service ProjectWhaling Days Parade7/27/2013
Special EventTillamook Cheese Factory7/13/2013
Special EventTillamook Air Museum7/13/2013
CampoutPaddling Workup6/14/2013 - 6/16/2013
Board of ReviewAlex H - Eagle5/21/2013
Special EventSwim Call5/13/2013
Board of ReviewAndrew C - Eagle4/30/2013
Board of ReviewAustin P - Eagle4/25/2013
TrainingSM/ASM training4/20/2013
Board of ReviewMitch B - Eagle4/17/2013
Service ProjectElks Spaghetti Dinner4/14/2013
RecruitingPack 4555 Blue & Gold/Crossover2/24/2013
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic - Day 32/2/2013
Service ProjectMitch B's Eagle Project1/27/2013
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic - Day 21/26/2013
Service ProjectMitch B's Eagle Project1/21/2013
Service ProjectMitch B's Eagle Project1/20/2013
Special EventMerit Badge Clinic - Day 11/19/2013
OA EventTroop 1496 Induction1/7/2013
MeetingBudget Planning Meeting1/2/2013
Board of ReviewPhillip K - Eagle12/29/2012
Special EventSinclair District MB Clinic12/29/2012
Special EventSinclair District MB Clinic12/28/2012
Board of ReviewMike N - Eagle12/7/2012
Service ProjectChico Alliance Church12/4/2012
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 511/11/2012
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 311/11/2012
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 211/11/2012
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 111/11/2012
Service ProjectApplebee's Service Project - Shift 411/11/2012
TrainingIOLS11/2/2012 - 11/3/2012
TrainingProgram & Training Conference10/20/2012
Board of ReviewMichael J - Eagle10/9/2012
TrainingAdult Training9/22/2012
TrainingEagle Project Coach9/21/2012
CampoutTieton River Rafting Trip9/7/2012 - 9/9/2012
Service ProjectCrosby Days8/4/2012
CampoutPaddling workup8/3/2012 - 8/5/2012
MeetingTroop Meeting7/30/2012
Service ProjectWhaling Days Parade7/28/2012
CampoutMt Baker Climb7/26/2012 - 7/29/2012
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting6/13/2012
CampoutCross Olympic trek6/1/2012 - 6/3/2012
TrainingEagle Project Coach Training5/29/2012
TrainingEagle Project Coach Training5/16/2012
Special EventNew Eagle Scout Banquet5/10/2012
TrainingEagle Project Coach Training4/24/2012
Board of ReviewBryson H - Eagle4/10/2012
TrainingEagle Scout Project Training3/29/2012
Special EventSilver Beaver Recognition Dinner3/28/2012
CampoutPaddling workup3/23/2012 - 3/25/2012
HikeMount Si Climb3/18/2012
RecruitingPack 4540 Crossover2/25/2012
Special EventMuseum of Flight2/25/2012
CampoutPhilmont Workup2/24/2012 - 2/26/2012
Special EventUSS Nimitz Tour1/29/2012
Board of ReviewZak R - Eagle12/27/2011
Service ProjectChico Alliance Church11/29/2011
Board of ReviewTravis M - Eagle11/15/2011
TrainingProgram & Training Conference10/15/2011
TrainingIOLS9/23/2011 - 9/24/2011
TrainingIOLS9/22/2011 - 9/23/2011
HikePhilmont Workup- REI trip9/17/2011
TrainingIOLS9/16/2011 - 9/17/2011
Service Project10th Anniversary of 9/119/11/2011
NoticeRetirement Celebration for MTC (SS) Chris Baum8/19/2011
Service ProjectManning VFW Booth (Whaling Days)7/31/2011
Service ProjectManning VFW Booth (Whaling Days)7/30/2011
Service ProjectWhaling Days Parade7/30/2011
MeetingMountaineering Meeting7/27/2011
CampoutCycling 50 miler7/15/2011 - 7/20/2011
CampoutClimb Mt Baker6/30/2011 - 7/3/2011
Special EventNK Radio Club Field Day6/25/2011
OA EventOA Spring Fellowship6/17/2011 - 6/18/2011
OA EventOA Conclave4/29/2011 - 5/1/2011
Special EventUSS Stennis Tour3/12/2011
Special EventUSS Alabama Tour3/5/2011
Special EventAutomotive Maintenance MB (2nd day)3/2/2011
RecruitingPack 4504 Crossover2/18/2011
OA EventRed Cross CPR Saturday1/29/2011
Service ProjectChico Alliance Church 12/15/2010
ChoreChristmas Tree Pickup12/4/2010
OA EventOA Fall Rally11/12/2010 - 11/14/2010
OA EventSafety Saturday10/23/2010
Service ProjectSilverdale Dog Park Cleanup10/16/2010
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 210/10/2010
OA EventLodge Awards Banquet10/9/2010
TrainingWilderness First Aid - Day 110/9/2010
Special EventHistorical Merit Badge Day at the Zoo9/25/2010
Special EventAlaska Aviation Merit Badge Class9/25/2010
Special EventAlaska Aviation Merit Badge Class9/24/2010
TrainingLNT Train the Trainer9/14/2010 - 9/15/2010
OA EventOA Lodge PTC8/27/2010 - 8/29/2010
Service ProjectWhaling Days Parade7/24/2010
Super EventNational Scout Jamboree7/20/2010 - 8/5/2010
Special EventPre-Jambo East Coast Tour7/20/2010 - 7/25/2010
Service ProjectPack 4540 Picnic7/17/2010
NoticeNational Jambo Tristan Scalf- Eagle COH6/27/2010
Patrol EventMoose Patrol Bike Ride6/22/2010
Special EventPhilmont Crew BBQ6/17/2010
Patrol EventMoose Patrol Meeting6/16/2010
Patrol EventMoose Patrol Project6/10/2010
Patrol EventMoose Patrol Meeting5/19/2010
Service ProjectAustin Eagle Project Material P/U5/8/2010
Service ProjectParking for DAR Tea5/8/2010
Patrol EventMoose Patrol Meeting5/5/2010
Patrol EventMoose Patrol Meeting4/21/2010
Patrol EventMoose Patrol Meeting4/14/2010
Service ProjectFriends of Scouting Breakfast2/10/2010
Service ProjectFriends of Scouting rehearsal2/9/2010
Hike10-mile Urban Hike2/7/2010
Special EventSubmarine Tour1/2/2010
HikePhilmont Workup - Urban Hike12/27/2009
Patrol EventBeaver Sled Prep12/20/2009
Patrol EventMoose - Sled work party12/2/2009
OA EventOA Fall Rally11/13/2009 - 11/15/2009
Patrol EventMoose Patrol11/5/2009
OA EventDonald Serry Memorial10/17/2009
Special EventNational Jamboree Kickoff Meeting10/10/2009
OA EventOA Lodge Recognition Dinner10/10/2009
CampoutSurvivorman Backpack9/19/2009 - 9/20/2009
Service ProjectOttrrrs Service Project9/13/2009
Patrol EventOttrrrs Patrol Meeting9/8/2009
CampoutFamily Camp/Whitewater9/4/2009 - 9/6/2009
Board of ReviewClint V - Eagle9/2/2009
Patrol EventOttrrrs Fishing Meeting8/30/2009
Patrol EventOttrrrs Patrol Meeting8/25/2009
MeetingASM Meeting8/18/2009
Special EventTillamook Air Museum8/8/2009
OA EventNOAC- National OA Conclave7/31/2009 - 8/7/2009
Patrol EventOttrrrs Patrol Meeting7/28/2009
Patrol EventOttrrrs Patrol Meeting7/16/2009
Campout50 Miler (Kayaking)7/12/2009 - 7/16/2009
CampoutKayak Warmup6/27/2009 - 6/28/2009
MeetingASM Meeting6/23/2009
Patrol EventPanther Patrol Mall Hike6/16/2009
HikePhilmont Workup Hike6/14/2009
OA EventOA Chapter Meeting6/10/2009
Special EventChristman Brothers Eagle Court of Honor6/7/2009
Service ProjectDAR Flag Retirement6/6/2009
Service ProjectPanther Patrol Service Project6/2/2009
Hike20 mile hike5/30/2009
Campout20 mile 'urban' hike campout5/29/2009 - 5/31/2009
Patrol EventPanther Patrol Service Project5/19/2009
Special EventDAR Medal Presentation5/9/2009
Patrol EventPanther Patrol Meeting5/5/2009
Patrol EventPanther Patrol Meeting4/21/2009
Patrol EventPanther Patrol Meeting4/7/2009
Service ProjectSteele Creek Fish Trap Install4/5/2009
Board of ReviewMike/David C - Eagle3/27/2009
Special EventBoeing Museum of Flight3/7/2009
Service ProjectVFW Post 239 Service Project3/5/2009
Patrol EventOttrrrs - Sled Finishing work2/22/2009
Patrol EventOttrrrs- Sled Building2/16/2009
Patrol EventOttrrrs- Sled Building2/15/2009
Service ProjectJupiter Trail Cleanup2/15/2009
Patrol EventMoose - Finish Sled for Klondike2/13/2009
Patrol EventTimberwolves- Sled Building2/7/2009
Patrol EventMoose- Sled Building2/7/2009
Patrol EventBeavers- Sled Building2/7/2009
Patrol EventPink Panthers- Sled Building2/7/2009
CampoutSnow Cave Practice1/16/2009 - 1/18/2009
Service ProjectWalmart Tree Pickup1/2/2009
MeetingASM Meeting12/9/2008
Special EventTour an Aircraft Carrier12/6/2008
MeetingScoutmaster Meeting11/12/2008
Service ProjectMike's Eagle Project10/11/2008
Fund RaiserPopcorn Sales9/26/2008 - 10/13/2008
Service ProjectLost Lake Cleanup7/21/2008
Campout50 Miler (Cycling)7/19/2008 - 7/25/2008
RideCycling 25 Miler6/28/2008
Special EventWhite Water Rafting6/21/2008
CampoutFamily Camp/Whitewater6/20/2008 - 6/22/2008
CampoutPhilmont Workup Backpack6/13/2008 - 6/15/2008
Service ProjectFlag removal at Forest Lawn Cemetery5/31/2008
RideRoad trip (Gold creek/Dewatto area)4/26/2008
Fund RaiserRummage Sale4/12/2008
Service ProjectScouting for Food- Pickup3/16/2008
Service ProjectScouting for Food- Distribution3/15/2008
CampoutAdvancement Camp3/7/2008 - 3/9/2008
Service ProjectBelmont Terrace Planting3/1/2008
TrainingDen Chief Training1/12/2008
HikePhilmont Workup Hike12/29/2007
RecruitingPack 4567 Crossover - Take 211/28/2007
RecruitingPack 4567 Crossover11/7/2007
Service ProjectBrian's Eagle Project9/30/2007
Special EventTieton River Rafting9/15/2007
Special EventCourt of Honor6/23/2007
Special EventCanoe Practice6/16/2007
Special EventEagle Scout Banquet6/7/2007
Board of ReviewCharlie B - Eagle5/15/2007
Special EventCanoe Practice5/12/2007
Board of ReviewChad R - Eagle4/24/2007
Service ProjectVFW Memorial Service4/7/2007
Service ProjectClear Creek Tree Planting3/3/2007
TrainingDen Chief Training2/17/2007
TrainingAdult Leader Training10/14/2006
Service ProjectCub Scout Bike Rodeo6/20/2006
Special EventWhite Water Rafting6/10/2006
CampoutWhite Water Campout6/9/2006 - 6/10/2006
Special EventStargazing5/13/2006
Service ProjectTree Planting with 45393/18/2006
Fund RaiserPopcorn Sale9/23/2005 - 10/24/2005
Service ProjectChads Eagle Project Cont.9/18/2005
Service ProjectChads Eagle Project9/17/2005
Service ProjectEagle Project- Chad (Fund Raiser)9/11/2005
Board of ReviewAlan T - Eagle6/16/2005
Service ProjectPack 4539 Den Meeting6/9/2005
Board of ReviewPhillip F - Eagle5/9/2005
Service ProjectEagle Project - Alan4/17/2005
Service ProjectEagle Project - Alan4/16/2005
Special EventRifle Merit Badge4/3/2005
Special EventRifle Merit Badge4/2/2005
Service ProjectGood Turn for America3/19/2005
TrainingUnit Commissioner Training3/5/2005
Service ProjectClear Creek Tree Planting9/25/2004
Special EventCourt of Honor9/20/2004
Service ProjectRobbie's Eagle Project4/10/2004
Service ProjectRobbie's Eagle Project4/9/2004
Service ProjectRobbie's Eagle Project4/7/2004
Service ProjectRobbie's Eagle Project4/6/2004
Special EventRifle Shooting Merit Badge4/4/2004
Special EventRifle Shooting Merit Badge4/3/2004
Service ProjectRobbie's Eagle Project3/20/2004
Service ProjectScouting for Food Distribution3/20/2004
Special EventMuseum of Flight8/23/2003 - 8/24/2003
RecruitingPack 4537 Crossover1/21/1999
Service ProjectClearbrook Parade7/26/1997
Service ProjectWhaling Days Parade7/26/1997
Service ProjectWhaling Days Parade7/27/1996
Special EventKlondike Derby1/2/1994
Campout50 Miler7/31/1983 - 8/5/1983

Sites List

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Admiral Theater  (1)
Alta Mountain
Bangor  (2)
Bangor Bowling Alley  (4)
Bangor Pool  (9)
Barnes & Noble  (1)
Barnes & Noble  (1)
Breidablik Hall  (3)
Breidablik Hall  (8)
Breidablik Hall  (1)
Breidablik Hall  (1)
Bremerton Airport  (3)
Bremerton Airport  (7)
Bremerton Convention Center  (3)
Bremerton Convention Center  (1)
Bremerton Elks Club  (1)
Bremerton High School  (3)
Bremerton High School  (8)
Bremerton Marina  (5)
Brownsville Elementary School  (22)
Brownsville Elementary School  (1)
Brownsville Elementary School  (1)
Brownsville Elementary School  (2)
Buffalo Wild Wings  (1)
Camp Yeomalt
Central Kitsap Junior High  (2)
Chico Alliance Church  (2)
Clear Creek Trail  (4)
Clear Creek Trail  (8)
Commanche Peak (Philmont)  (1)
Crossroads Community Church  (1)
Crossroads Community Church  (1)
Crossroads Community Church  (4)
Crystal Grange  (12)
Crystal Grange  (8)
Crystal Grange  (1)
Crystal Grange  (14)
Federal Way  (1)
First Lutheran Church - Poulsbo  (1)
First Lutheran Church - Poulsbo  (4)
First Lutheran Church - Poulsbo  (1)
First Lutheran Church - Poulsbo  (1)
First Lutheran Church - Poulsbo  (97)
First Lutheran Church - Poulsbo  (2)
Florida Sea Base
Fort AP Hill  (1)
Fort Steilacoom
Fred Meyer
Gilberton Hall
Gluds Pond Road  (3)
Gravitec  (1)
Green Mountain  (16)
Green Mountain Horse Camp
Haggerty Household  (1)
Holy Trinity Catholic Church  (6)
Island Lake County Park  (1)
Island Lake County Park  (3)
Kitsap Conference Center  (3)
Kitsap Golf and Country Club  (2)
Lincoln Ave Bible Church  (1)
Los Cabos Restaurant  (166)
Lutherhaven  (1)
Lutherhaven  (1)
Lutherhaven  (1)
Madrona Park  (7)
Masonic Lodge  (1)
Mt Adams  (5)
Mt Adams  (5)
Mt Baker  (2)
Mt Buckhorn  (1)
Mt Buckhorn  (1)
Mt Buckhorn  (5)
Mt Ellinor  (2)
Mt Ellinor  (1)
Mt Ellinor  (15)
Mt Ellinor  (1)
Mt Gladys  (1)
Mt Phillips (Philmont)  (7)
Mt Rainier  (5)
Mt Rose  (1)
Mt Saint Helens  (3)
Mt Saint Helens  (3)
Mt Saint Helens Nat'l Monument  (2)
NAD Soroptimist Park  (1)
Nels Nelson LDS Church  (18)
Nels Nelson LDS Church  (9)
Nels Nelson LDS Church  (1)
Nels Nelson LDS Church  (3)
Nels Nelson LDS Church  (1)
NEX Bangor  (2)
NEX Bangor  (7)
NEX Bremerton  (18)
North Kitsap High School  (2)
North Kitsap High School  (1)
Olympic Discovery Trail  (2)
Olympic High School  (1)
Olympic High School  (9)
Panera Bread  (1)
Peace Lutheran Church  (3)
Point No Point County Park  (1)
Poulsbo LDS Church  (1)
Poulsbo LDS Church  (24)
Poulsbo LDS Church  (15)
Poulsbo LDS Church  (7)
Poulsbo LDS Church  (1)
Poulsbo Lutheran Church  (1)
Poulsbo Middle School  (1)
Poulsbo Middle School  (1)
Poulsbo Sportsman Club  (5)
Raab Park  (3)
Raab Park  (1)
Raab Park  (4)
Raab Park  (1)
Raab Park  (1)
Rolling Hills Golf Course  (2)
Round Table  (1)
San Juan Islands  (1)
San Juan Islands  (6)
San Juan Islands  (4)
Scout Hall in Silverdale  (1)
Scout Hall in Silverdale  (2)
Scout Hall in Silverdale  (2)
Scout Hall in Silverdale  (13)
Shaefer's Peak (Philmont)  (1)
Silverdale Lutheran Church  (6)
Silverdale Lutheran Church  (5)
Silverdale Lutheran Church  (5)
Silverdale Lutheran Church  (237)
Silverdale Lutheran Church  (12)
Silverdale Lutheran Church  (18)
Silverdale Methodist Church  (1)
Silverdale Methodist Church  (1)
Silverdale Methodist Church  (5)
Silverdale Methodist Church  (1)
Silverdale Methodist Church  (5)
Silverdale Waterfront Park  (4)
Skippers  (7)
Skippers  (3)
South Kitsap High School
St Antony's Episcopal Church  (7)
St Antony's Episcopal Church  (33)
Suquamish Reservation  (2)
Suquamish Reservation  (1)
The Brothers  (1)
The Brothers  (2)
Tillamook Air Museum  (1)
Tooth of Time (Philmont)  (1)
Tracyton Movie House  (1)
Trident Ball Room - Bangor  (2)
Tull Canyon  (4)
Tull Canyon  (1)
Ueland Tree Farm  (1)
University of Washington  (1)
USS Turner Joy  (7)
Vertical World  (10)
Vertical World  (1)
VFW Hall  (342)
VFW Hall  (450)
VFW Hall  (123)
VFW Hall  (1622)
VFW Hall  (54)
VFW Hall  (123)
VFW Hall  (396)
VFW Hall  (8)
VFW Hall  (68)
VFW Hall  (17)
VFW Hall  (351)
VFW Hall  (23)
VFW Hall  (1)
VFW Post 239
2 Margaritas Restaurant  (1)
7 Wells Stables  (1)
Coram Deo Church  (29)
Fiesta Mexican Restaurant  (23)
Kitsap Mall  (7)
Kitsap Mall  (2)
Manette Community Church  (1)
Mount Rainier Nat'l Park  (10)
Mount Rainier Nat'l Park  (1)
Mount Rainier Nat'l Park  (1)
Mt Walker  (15)
North Seattle Community College  (5)
North Seattle Community College  (1)
Northwest Golf  (17)
Tracyton Cemetery  (88)
Tracyton Cemetery  (1)
Tracyton Cemetery  (1)
Westminster Chapel  (1)
   Bark Shanty  (4)
   Beaver Flats  (5)
   Beaver Flats  (1)
   Camp Handy  (8)
   Camp Handy  (1)
   Camp Jolley  (1)
   Deer Lake  (1)
   Dosewallips Falls  (26)
   Dosewallips Falls  (3)
   Dosewallips Falls  (10)
   Dosewallips Falls  (1)
   Dosewallips Falls  (1)
   Flapjack Lakes
   Gold Creek  (1)
   Grand Lake
   Gray Wolf  (5)
   Gray Wolf  (2)
   Humes Ranch  (3)
   Humes Ranch  (1)
   Milk Creek  (9)
   Milk Creek  (2)
   Moose Lake
   Murtle Lake  (4)
   Murtle Lake  (1)
   Murtle Lake  (3)
   Olympic Hot Springs  (6)
   Olympic Hot Springs  (4)
   Olympic National Forest  (38)
   Olympic National Forest  (10)
   Olympic National Forest  (22)
   Olympic National Forest  (7)
   Olympic National Park  (41)
   Olympic National Park  (7)
   Olympic National Park  (1)
   Olympic National Park  (1)
   Reflection Lake - Mt Rainier  (3)
   Ross Lake  (1)
   Silver Lakes  (8)
   Silver Lakes  (2)
   Third Beach  (9)
   Third Beach  (2)
   Tubal Cain Mine
   Upper Lena Lake  (5)
   White Pass Ski Area  (1)
BSA Camp
   Baker  (5)
   Baker  (3)
   Baker  (3)
   Buffalo Bill
   Cherry Valley
   Easton  (2)
   Easton  (5)
   Easton  (1)
   Easton  (10)
   Edward  (2)
   Edward  (5)
   Emerald Bay  (2)
   Emerald Bay  (3)
   Emerald Bay  (1)
   Emerald Bay  (5)
   Fife  (1)
   Fife  (1)
   Fire Mountain  (5)
   Fire Mountain  (3)
   Fire Mountain  (7)
   Hahobas  (2)
   Hahobas  (1)
   Hahobas  (1)
   Hahobas  (2)
   K-M Scout Ranch  (1)
   K-M Scout Ranch  (1)
   K-M Scout Ranch  (12)
   Makualla  (1)
   Melita Island
   Meriwether  (5)
   Meriwether  (11)
   Meriwether  (26)
   Parsons  (34)
   Parsons  (2)
   Parsons  (12)
   Parsons  (22)
   Parsons  (19)
   Parsons  (1)
   Parsons  (3)
   Parsons  (1)
   Pigott  (8)
   Pigott  (2)
   Pigott  (5)
   Pigott  (16)
   Pigott  (38)
   Pigott  (2)
BSA Camp- closed
   Black Mountain  (1)
   Black Mountain  (1)
BSA High Adventure Base
   Bechtel Summit  (1)
   Bechtel Summit  (1)
   Philmont Scout Ranch  (10)
   Philmont Scout Ranch  (1)
   Philmont Scout Ranch  (9)
   Philmont Scout Ranch  (1)
   Sheppard  (8)
   Sheppard  (18)
   Sheppard  (13)
   Brownsville Marina  (1)
   Brownsville Marina  (11)
   Brownsville Marina  (1)
   Brownsville Marina  (1)
   Brownsville Marina  (2)
   Northern Tier HAB
   Wells Gray Provincial Park  (2)
Car Camp
   Ape Cave  (3)
   Ape Cave  (1)
   Battle Point Park  (7)
   Battle Point Park  (2)
   Battle Point Park  (1)
   Beaver Bay  (1)
   Birch Bay Resort  (1)
   Birch Bay RV Campground  (3)
   Birch Bay State Park  (3)
   Blake Island State Park  (11)
   Blake Island State Park  (7)
   Blake Island State Park  (7)
   Dungeness Spit  (1)
   Dungeness Spit  (17)
   Eagle Creek Ranch  (9)
   Eagle Creek Ranch  (2)
   Fort Flagler State Park  (15)
   Fort Flagler State Park  (7)
   Fort Flagler State Park  (1)
   Fort Flagler State Park  (9)
   Fort Flagler State Park  (2)
   Fort Flagler State Park  (3)
   Fort Lewis  (4)
   Fort Worden State Park  (1)
   Hause Creek Campground  (1)
   Hidden Village RV Park & Campground  (1)
   Illahee State Park
   Indian Island  (12)
   Indian Island  (2)
   Indian Island  (7)
   Indian Island  (6)
   Indian Island  (10)
   KBH Archers  (15)
   KBH Archers  (5)
   KBH Archers  (3)
   Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (4)
   Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (108)
   Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (10)
   Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (2)
   Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (1)
   Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (4)
   Kitsap County Fairgrounds  (1)
   Kitsap Memorial State Park  (1)
   Kitsap Memorial State Park  (12)
   Kitsap Memorial State Park  (1)
   Kitsap Memorial State Park  (3)
   Lake Leland  (3)
   Lilliwaup Creek Campground  (3)
   Lilliwaup Creek Campground  (1)
   Lower Falls Rec Area  (1)
   Manchester State Park  (2)
   Manchester State Park  (1)
   Merrill Lake
   Paradise Point State Park  (1)
   Port Gamble  (3)
   Port Gamble  (3)
   Port Gamble  (1)
   Quilcene Community Campground  (1)
   Rainbow Group Camp  (3)
   Rainbow Group Camp  (1)
   Sahara Creek DNR Camp  (8)
   Sahara Creek DNR Camp  (2)
   Salt Creek Rec Area  (6)
   Salt Creek Rec Area  (1)
   Scenic Beach State Park
   Schriebers Meadow- Mt Baker
   Sunrise Point  (1)
   Sunrise Point  (1)
   The Refuge  (3)
   Twin Lakes Youth Camp  (21)
   Twin Lakes Youth Camp  (5)
   Twin Lakes Youth Camp  (4)
   Twin Lakes Youth Camp  (1)
   Twin Lakes Youth Camp  (31)
   Waketickeh Creek Club  (9)
   Waketickeh Creek Club  (2)
Cub Scout Camp
   Brinkley  (6)
   Thunderbird  (1)
   Thunderbird  (1)
Cub Scouts
   Peninsula Bible Fellowship  (9)
   Peninsula Bible Fellowship  (3)
   Peninsula Bible Fellowship  (1)
   Peninsula Bible Fellowship  (5)
District BOR
   Cedar Glen Mobile Home Park  (5)
   Clear Creek Dentistry  (34)
   Windermere Realty, Silverdale  (6)
Girl Scout Camp
   Mt Si  (1)
   Mt Townsend  (2)
   Mt Townsend  (3)
Scouting for Food
   Bangor Commissary  (16)
   Safeway - East Bremerton  (4)